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GFI | June 2024
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1975Seattle Stoen1976Vancouver T.O.S.
1977Seattle N.W. Screw Products1978Lewiston Truckers
1979Seattle N.W. Screw Products1980Seattle Angels
1981Lewiston Truckers1982Springfield Abbey's
1983Grants Pass Thunderbirds1984Lewiston Truckers
1985Spokane Bulldogs1986Seattle Swannies
1987Lewiston Truckers1988Team Japan
1989Washington State Cougars1990Tahoe Stars
1991L.A. Rangers1993Team Japan
1994Team Japan1995Lewiston Truckers
1997Team Japan1999Houston Astros
2001Seattle Studs2003Houston Astros
2004San Diego Stars2005New York Storm
2006San Diego Stars2008Lewiston Truckers
2009Lewiston Truckers2010Seattle Studs
2011Lewiston Truckers2012Lewiston Truckers
2014Burnaby Bulldogs2015Seattle Studs
2016Seattle Studs2017Seattle Studs
2019Alaska Goldpanners2022Seattle Studs
2023Everett Merchants2024

Past Winners




1stAlaska Goldpanners$18,000
2ndSan Francisco Seals$10,000
3rdReno Astros/Division Winner$6,000
4thEverett Merchants/Division Winner$6,000
5thNorthwest Honkers$2,500
6thBurnaby Bulldogs$2,500
7thSeattle Studs$2,500
8thUnion de Reyes Cuba$2,500

GFI 2023 All Stars

GFI Champion

Everett Merchants (1st championship)

Tournament MVP
Jordan Justice – Everett Merchants
(4 Homeruns, 12 RBI, .409 batting average)
Top Pitcher
Sean Callegari – Coquitlam Angels
(18 Innings pitched, 1.00 ERA, 22 strikeouts)
Top Hitter
Aaron Barber – Everett Merchants
(GFI record .565 batting average over 6 games)
Home Run Derby
Jack Johnson – Everett.
5 in the round robin and 3 more in the playoff round
Jr Home Run Derby winner
7 year old Bennett Dunbar. 14 home runs in 1 minute
Tournament All Stars:
1st Base – Keetan Fisher – Everett
2nd Base – Hiro Yonekura – NW Honkers
3rd Base – Liam Ballance – Grand Forks
Shortstop – Evan Comeau – Calgary
Outfield – Cole Bauml – Calgary
Outfield – Karl Peters – Alaska
Outfield – Josiah O’Bannon – Seattle Black Fins
Catcher – Donvan Ratfield – Alaska
Pitcher – Braeden Allemann – Burnaby
Designated Hitter – Evan Scalley – Alaska