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GFI | June 2024

Tournament Rules

Rule 1. The official rules of baseball shall govern the playing of games during the tournament. Specifications as to facility, equipment, play-off format, etc. have been modified to meet the needs of the tournament. Teams may elect to use the designated hitter rule. NCAA sliding rules are in effect at all bases. There is no instant replay.

Rule 2.  All games will be nine innings. Extra innings to be played to determine winners.

Rule 3.  Home teams are assigned for Round Robin Games. Teams with better records, as determined by the tournament rules, will be the Home Team for all MONEY ROUND games.

Rule 4.  After the third out of each at bat the teams have 90 seconds to resume play. The umpires will encourage players to conclude warm-ups if they are delaying pace of play.

Rule 5.  An Eight Run Mercy rule will apply to all tournament games except the semi-finals and final. If one team is ahead by eight or more runs after the trailing team has completed seven innings (or six and a half) the game is over.

Rule 6.  Should circumstances arise where a game or games are postponed or cancelled, the Tournament Rules Committee (TRC) has the authority to act upon any alteration to the tournament format or schedule.

Rule 7.  There are no restrictions relative to roster size. However, teams will not be permitted to add to their roster any player who was on the roster of a team eliminated earlier from further competition.

Rule 8.  Full team rosters must be submitted 30 minutes prior to the first game of the tournament for each club.

Rule 9.  Should a protest arise, that protest must be brought to the attention of the home plate umpire, who in turn will forward such protest to the Tournament Protest Committee Chairman or designate. This Committee will then rule on the identified protest and their decision will be FINAL. No game will continue until the Protest has been heard.

Rule 10.  In the event a contest is forfeited, the team receiving the forfeiture shall claim a 9-0 win. The forfeiting team, meanwhile, shall surrender all earnings, if any, to the tournament.

Rule 11.  The top four teams in each division will qualify for the tournament’s MONEY ROUND and will be seeded accordingly.  The Higher Seed will be the Home Team for all MONEY ROUND games.

Rule 12. The first place team in each division after round robin play will earn a BONUS of $1000.

Rule 13.  Tie Breaker Rule: the following Rule will determine placement in each division for Round Robin Standings and Overall Standings for placement into the Money Round.

Tie Breaker Rule:

1) Head to Head result

2) Runs allowed / innings played defensively.
3) Runs for / innings played offensively

4) Earned Run Average

5) Coin Flip

Rule 14. This is a wood bat tournament. Composite bats are allowed.

Rule 15. Any player who is ejected from the game is subject to further discipline at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.

Prize Payouts as Follows:

1st in Round Robin – $1,000 each division winner

1st – $18,000

2nd – $10,000

3rd – $5,000

4th – $5,000

5th-8th – $2,500

Total Purse – $50,000