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GFI | June 2023

Welcome to the Grand Forks International

The Grand Forks International Baseball Tournament traces its roots all the way back to 1968 when Larry Seminoff and other local baseball enthusiasts held the first annual International Labor day Tournament at James Donaldson Park. As the annual tournament grew and garnered more attention, Seminoff and company were able to secure a local sponsor in the Grand Forks and District Credit Union. In 1975, the Grand Forks International Baseball Tournament, as we know it, was born, and Grand Forks became home to what is recognized by many as one of the best tournaments of its kind in North America.

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Getting Here

Grand Forks International is held at James Donaldson Park in Grand Forks, British Columbia.


Lineup for the GFI Tournament

History of the GFI

The history of the Grand Forks International Baseball Tournament.

Hall of Fame

Tournament Champions, Past Winners, and GFI All-Stars.

GFI Team

Meet the hard working volunteers that make the tournament happen!

Morgan Strohmann

President - Operations Coordinator

Morgan volunteered at the 2019 GFI and later joined the Board of Directors for 2020 and 2021; however, due to the cancelations in both years didnt get to see the GFI for a while. He was pleased to hear in 2022 that the tournament would be hosted again and once again joined the team. Morgan is primarily invloved with administrative and operations and can be found at the park althroughout the tournament.

GFI-Team-Steve Boutang

Steve Boutang

Tournament Coordinator - Baseball

Hometown – Abbotsford BC
Steve is the Provincial Umpire Supervisor for Baseball BC which encompasses the BC Baseball Umpire Association. As a 35-year veteran umpire, Steve has appeared in 3 International tournaments as an umpire, 9 National Championships as umpire, and he has supervised 5 National championships.
This year marks the 15th successive year Steve will umpire in the Grand Forks International Tournament dating back to 2001 and he will surpass 200 games umpires in Grand Forks in 2019.
Off the field, Steve has worked as a Peace Officer with CBSA for the past 15 years serving in communities across the southern border.

Christine-Anne Fisher

Vice President

Christine-Anne has been watching baseball with her Grandma Chicken since she was born. Christine-Anne moved to Grand Forks in 2006 and started volunteering with the GFI in 2008 in the cash office. It was a great match - her love of the game and volunteering. In 2008, Christine-Anne became a board member and remained on the board until 2017. She then took a year off from the board but continued with volunteer work in the cash office. One of the most memorable moments for her was in 2010 when she got hit with a foul ball right in the face! But in the true meaning of volunteering, she came back and finished her shift after being released from the hospital!

GFI-Team-Chris Hammett

Chris Hammett

Director - Treasurer

Chris joined the army of GFI volunteers shortly after arriving in Grand Forks in 2004. As the official team photographer, she has attended every GFI since, providing both action and team photos for the following year’s program and GFI advertising material. Chris also sells the advertising for the program and is responsible for raising the necessary funds for the prize money through sponsorship and fence sign sales; She also looks after all GFI marketing. Chris became a committee member in 2016 and has been the treasurer for the past 3 years

James Wilson

Director - Liasson to the City


Deborah Baker

Director Secretary


Bud Alcock



Alyce Tod



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