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GFI | June 2025


GFI Services and Park Rules

Welcome to the 40th annual Grand Forks International Baseball Tournament! James Donaldson Park is located at 1924 – 75th Ave, on the corner of Hwy 3 and 19th Street across from Jack Goddard Arena in Grand Forks BC.

PARKING: Patrons of James Donaldson Park may park your vehicles in any area permitted by the City of Grand Forks, Jack Goddard Arena and around the neighborhoods.  Please do not park in front of emergency exit gates and or in front of the Main gates, near fire hydrants, private driveways, or in handicap parking stalls unless you have a valid permit to do so.

If parking on neighboring streets please do not block people’s driveways and alley access as your vehicle will be towed.  Please do not park on neighborhood grass areas and people’s private property.

Park at your own risk.  The GFI is not responsible for any vehicle damage sustained to your vehicles while visiting James Donaldson Park.

GRANDSTAND: There are 2 entry/exit points for the main grandstand.  Please watch your step going up or coming down. There are Reserved Seating spots marked on the seats.  These seats belong to the Reserved Seat Holders for the duration of the tournament.  Please do not sit in these spots if you have not paid for this seat.

Please do not sit in aisles as they must be kept clear in case of emergency.

MOBILITY/WHEELCHAIR Access: You can enter through the front gates and follow the paved path to seating along the first base line.

BLEACHERS: There is bleacher seating available for all passes and general admission ticket purchases.  These are located along the first and third base lines. Blue Monster seating is inside the Beer Garden and is for patrons 19 years or older.  Please be aware of foul balls leaving the playing field at all times.  The Grand Forks International tournament is not responsible for injuries sustained while inside the ball park.

RIGHT FIELD FAMILY AREA:  A special area behind the right field is a safe place to watch the Games. There are a few tables and benches available for sitting. Bring a blanket or lawn chair and enjoy the games.

Please be aware of baseballs leaving the playing field at all times.  The Grand Forks International tournament is not responsible for injuries sustained while inside the ball park.

Please note* Caregivers need to remain in this area while their children are in this area.

GUEST RELATIONS:  Just inside the main gate you will find the Guest Relations Booth. There, GFI ambassadors will help you with your questions, tournament passes, Programs, Bingo Cards, lost articles and more are available here. Our volunteers are committed to serving you and making your visit to the GFI as enjoyable as possible.

FOOD CONCESSION: There are several options for food services at James Donaldson Park.

Hard Ball Café is located under the Grandstand on the first base side.  There you can get fries, burgers, Hot Dogs and normal ball park fare, all while supporting the GFI.

Babe Ruth Building is located along first base line next to the Blue Monster bleachers and Right Field Tavern.  You can pick up light snacks of candy, ice cream, popcorn, water and pop at this location.

Outfield Smokehouse BBQ was introduced in 2022 and will return this year. Located behind the rightfield tavern patrons can order the special of the day from the Liquor Tickets windows and bring their stub to the cook. Food here is prepared daily and includes smoked meat, brisket and salads.

VOLUNTEER APPLICATIONS: The GFI is always looking for volunteers. The commitment of the volunteers is the strength of the Grand Forks International. To volunteer, please visit the Volunteer page to to download an application.

VOLUNTEER CHECK-IN:  GFI volunteers will be required to check in at Guest Relations inside the front gates prior to the start of their shift.

FIRST AID STATION: The Grand Forks International is dedicated to ensuring that each fan is safe while at the ball park. There is an on-site First Aid Station managed by trained and efficient first aid and First Responder providers. From morning till night, they are on duty and you will be in good hands whether it is a wasp sting, an injury or too much sun. The First Aid Station is located inside the Blue building on the first base side of the park.

RESTROOMS: Men’s and Women’s Restrooms are located under the main grandstand next to Guest Relations and in the blue building along the first base side of the park.

RIGHT FIELD TAVERN:  There is a designated beer garden for you to enjoy a cool beverage while watching the games. Just follow the signs. Blankets and folding chairs are allowed.

  • You must be 19+ to enter the beer gardens. As per Liquor Control Board of BC regulations, there is a 2-drink limit when purchasing a beverage. Please have your ID ready.
  • NO OUTSIDE LIQUOR:  Prepare to be searched as you enter the venue. No outside alcohol is allowed into the premises.  No alcohol may be taken out of the beer garden either.
  • ANY BAGS: are subject to be searched.
  • TICKETS: Alcohol tickets must be purchased in advance and redeemed at the beverage stand.  Once purchased they are not refundable.
  • HOURS OF SERVICE: The Beer Gardens open at the start of the first game.  Ticket sales will be cut off at 10:00 pm nightly, last call is at 10:30 pm, and all patrons must be out of the beer garden no later than 11:00 pm OR 30 minutes after the conclusion of the last game.



Debit, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted at all locations.

MAIN GATES at James Donaldson Park.  Debit, Visa and MasterCard are also accepted at the park. All passes and Single Game Admission are available for purchase.

Refer to Ticket Options page for various tournament ‘Pass’ information.


When you purchase a specific game Pass, you will be issued a wristband. The Pass and Wristband are non-refundable and non-transferable. You may leave and re-enter the park as you wish, but you must show your Pass and wristband each time you enter the park.

Unless you have purchased Reserved Seating, all seats in the ball park are general admission with no assigned seating.

PER GAME GENERAL ADMISSION TICKET REFUND POLICY – Per game tickets have been consolidated into only allowing for the last game of the day being available as a single game or “per game” ticket


HALL OF FAME: The Grand Forks International has seen its share of future Major Leaguers come and go.  Located in the Blue Building the GFI Hall of Fame area includes a photo display, memorabilia, baseball theme decor and other information. A fun place to visit while at the GFI.


SOUVENIRS: Take home your piece of the Grand Forks International tournament by visiting our Souvenir Booth located outside the Babe Ruth Building.

FOUL BALLS: From time to time baseballs leave the playing field. Please BE CAREFUL when leaving the park and looking for foul balls.

The Grand Forks International is not responsible for any injuries suffered as a result of chasing baseballs that leave the playing area.  If you wish to keep a foul ball, please turn it in to Guest Relations and they will give you an older ball as a souvenir.  Baseballs are expensive, so please do your part to help keep costs down and return Game Balls to Guest Relations.


  • ALL BAGS:  All bags are subject to search prior to entering the park.
  • SMOKING: There is NO smoking permitted within any City Park including James Donaldson Park (Tobacco, Cannabis, or Vaping).
  • NO OUTSIDE LIQUOR OR LIQUID CONTAINERS: Prepare to be searched as you enter the venue.  No outside alcohol or liquid containers are allowed into the premises. Water bottles will be allowed if they are pre-packaged and sealed or completely empty. 
  • PETS: Certified Guide & Service Dogs are allowed in the park. Well behaved dogs on a harness or leash are permitted along the 3rd base line only, as long as they are not disturbing the enjoyment of the game for others.  Please note* there is limited shade and weather can get very hot and its recommended to keep your pets at home. Please clean up after your pet!
  • LANGUAGE: Profane or abusive language, gestures, and personal attacks on players, GFI Staff, or patrons of the park will not be tolerated.  You will be ejected from the park if you are unable to refrain from this type of behaviour.
  • WEAPONS: You may be searched upon entry to James Donaldson Park.  No weapons of any kind are allowed into the park.  Items that COULD be used as a weapon may also be disallowed at the discretion of security.