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GFI Hall of Fame | Tournament Winners | All-Stars

1975Seattle Stoen1976Vancouver T.O.S.
1977Seattle N.W. Screw Products1978Lewiston Truckers
1979Seattle N.W. Screw Products1980Seattle Angels
1981Lewiston Truckers1982Springfield Abbey's
1983Grants Pass Thunderbirds1984Lewiston Truckers
1985Spokane Bulldogs1986Seattle Swannies
1987Lewiston Truckers1988Team Japan
1989Washington State Cougars1990Tahoe Stars
1991L.A. Rangers1993Team Japan
1994Team Japan1995Lewiston Truckers
1997Team Japan1999Houston Astros
2001Seattle Studs2003Houston Astros
2004San Diego Stars2005New York Storm
2006San Diego Stars2008Lewiston Truckers
2009Lewiston Truckers2010Seattle Studs
2011Lewiston Truckers2012Lewiston Truckers
2014Burnaby Bulldogs2015Seattle Studs
2016Seattle Studs2017Seattle Studs
2019Alaska Goldpanners2022

Past Winners


1stAlaska Goldpanners$18,000
2ndSan Francisco Seals$10,000
3rdReno Astros/Division Winner$6,000
4thEverett Merchants/Division Winner$6,000
5thNorthwest Honkers$2,500
6thBurnaby Bulldogs$2,500
7thSeattle Studs$2,500
8thUnion de Reyes Cuba$2,500


1stSeattle Studs$20,000
2ndAlaskan Goldpanners$12,000
3rdEverett Merchants$5,000
4thNorth Sound Emeralds$5,000
5thWestchase Express$3,000
6thSan Fransisco Seals$3,000
7thKitsap Blue Jackets$3,000
8thBurnaby Bulldogs$3,000


1stSeattle Studs$20,000
2ndBurnaby Bulldogs$12,000
3rdWest Coast Guns$5,000
4thEverett Merchants$5,000
5thThurston County Senators$3,000
6thNorthwest Honkers$3,000
7thHouston Westchase Express$3,000
8thSan Fransisco Seals$3,000


1stSeattle Studs$20,000
2ndEverett Merchants$12,000
3rdBurnaby Bulldogs$5,000
4thWest Coast Guns$5,000
5thKamloops Sun Devils$3,000
6thNorth Sounds Emeralds$3,000
7thThurston County$3,000
8thNorthwest Honkers$3,000


1stBurnaby Bulldogs$20,000
2ndEverett Merchants$12,000
3rdSeattle Studs$5,000
4thThurston County$5,000
5thLangley Sr. Blaze$3,000
6thNorthwest Honkers$3,000
7thWest Coast Guns$3,000
8thParkland White Sox$3,000

2019 GFI All Stars

CatcherRyan CooperReno Astros
First BaseCameron PadronNorthwest Honkers
Second BaseTommy CruzSan Francisco Seals
Short StopBrock BuenoNorthwest Honkers
Third BaseBrendan GauntBurnaby Bulldogs
OutfieldJon ThomasBurnaby Bulldogs
OutfieldTerry BennettReno Astros
OutfieldOJ OloruntimilehinHouston Westchase Express
Top HitterPatrick ChungEverett Merchants
Right Handed PitcherJared MaxfieldEverett Merchants
Left Handed PitcherShawn SchaeferBurnaby Bulldogs
MVPPatrick ChungEverett Merchants

2017 GFI All-Stars

CatcherKyle SutherlandSeattle Studs
First BaseCameron PadronNorth West Honkers
Second BaseJustin Polzin North Sound Emeralds
Third BaseKyle BoeSeattle Studs
Short StopSam AvilaOkanagan Athletics
OutfieldGuthrie MorrisonNorth Sound Emeralds
OutfieldLandon RikerSeattle Studs
OutfieldDrew MountSan Fransico Seals
Designated HitterIssac WerslandKitsap Bluejackets
Right Handed PitcherPeter IrvinEverett Merchants
Left Handed PitcherAlex VesiaAlaska Goldpanners
MVPCameron PadronNorth West Honkers
MVPNick AmesAlaska Goldpanners

2016 GFI All-Stars

At Catcher
Nash Gowin – West Coast Guns

At First Base
Marten Pauwels – Thurston County Senators

At Second Base
Jordan Padriano – Burnaby Bulldogs

At Third Base
Gabe Padukiewicz – Thurston County Senators

At Shortstop
Steffan Torgersen – Thurston County Senators

Aundray Van Slyke – West Coast Guns
Tosh Semlacher – Seattle Studs
Kasey Bailey – West Coast Guns

Designated Hitter
Scott Hilpert – North Sound Emeralds

All-Star Pitching Staff
Geoff Brown – Seattle Studs
Shawn Schaefer – Burnaby Bulldogs

GFI Tournament Most Valuable Player
Mitch Hodge – Burnaby Bulldogs

2015 GFI All-Stars

At Catcher
Evan Douglas – Kamloops Sun Devils

At First Base
Mason Pierzchalski – North Sound Emeralds

At Second Base
Nick Pribble – Everett Merchants

At Third Base
Graylin Derke – North Sound Emeralds

At Shortstop
Kyle Dhanani – Kamloops Sun Devils

Hunter Bingham – Northwest Honkers
Connor Savage – Seattle Studs
JJ Nazzarro – West Coast Guns

Designated Hitter
Kyle Sutherland – Seattle Studs

All-Star Pitching Staff

Right Handed Pitcher
Cody Culp – Everett Merchants

Left Handed Pitcher
Shawn Schaefer – Burnaby Bulldogs

GFI Tournament Most Valuable Player
Connor Savage – Seattle Studs

2014 GFI All-Stars

At Catcher
Tanner Wessling – North Sound Emeralds

At First Base
Jake Levin Everett Merchants

At Second Base
Brad Ferraro Langley Blaze

At Third Base
Josh Potter Everett Merchants

At Shortstop
Marcus Hinkle Thurston County Senators

Designated Hitter
Bobby LeCount Seattle Studs

All-Star Pitching Staff
Shawn Schaeffer – Burnaby Bulldogs
Shane Kraemer – Langley Blaze

GFI Tournament Most Valuable Player
Shawn Schaefer Burnaby Bulldogs

2012 GFI All-Stars

At Catcher
San Diego Stars: Cody Doyle

At First Base
Thurston County Senators: Shane Schoeneberg

At Second Base
San Diego Stars: Mole Wagner

At Third Base
Team Canada: Andrew Firth

At Shortstop
Team Canada: Tyson Popoff

All-Star Outfielders
Kamloops Sun Devils: Landon Briscoe
Lewiston Paffile Truckers: Kyle Knigge
Seattle Studs: Julien Pollard

Designated Hitter
Thurston County Senators: Parker Guinn

All-Star Pitching Staff
Trail Orioles: Chris Kissok
Lewiston Paffile Truckers: Anthony Armanino

GFI Tournament Most Valuable Player
Lewiston Paffile Truckers: Kyle Knigge

2011 GFI All-Stars

At Catcher
Geelong Baycats (Australia): Ryan Stewart

At First Base
Langley Sr. Blaze: Scott Webster

At Second Base
Thurston County Senators: Jon Poch

At Third Base
Seattle Studs: Brian Corliss

At Shortstop
Lewiston Truckers: Bobby Joe Tannehill

All-Star Outfielders
Thurston County Senators: Mac Acker
San Diego Stars: Clifton Thomas
Team Canada: Jerod Bartnik

Designated Hitter
Geelong Baycats (Australia): Ben Knuth

All-Star Pitching Staff
Team Canada: David Otterman
Seattle: Geoff Brown

GFI Tournament Most Valuable Player
Bobby Joe Tannehill

2010 GFI All Stars Team

At Catcher
Team Russia: Nikita Mnakhov
He batted .364, with a .917 OBPA, a double, two stolen bases and countless great plays behind the dish.

At First Base
Seattle Studs: Riley Tompkins
He hit .389, batted in 8 runs, a quarter of his team’s total RBIs, on the strength of 2 doubles and a big home run.

At Second Base
Thurston County Senators: Jon Poch
He batted.375 with 2 doubles and made countless great plays at his position.

At Third Base
Seattle Studs: Kyle Boe
He batted .391 with a .448 on-base-percentage, 5 runs scored, 3 RBIs and 2 stolen bases.

At Shortstop
Lewiston Paffile Truckers: Justin Fuller
He batted .467, with 3 doubles, a triple and 6 RBIs.

All-Star Outfielders
San Diego Stars: Clifton Thomas
He batted.400, slugged .650, he stole 3 bases, he belted one out of the park, he shined hi leather in the field and gunned runners down on the bases

Lewiston Paffile Truckers: Gino Casini
He batted .455 with 4 doubles, 6 RBIs, 7 runs scored and a whopping .737 slugging percentage.

Idaho Warriors: Conner Moore
Fitted with a cannon for an arm, he batted at a .524 clip with 2 doubles, 6 RBIs, 3 stolen bases and an impressive 12-19 on-base-plus-slugging percentage.

All-Star Pitching Staff
San Diego Stars: David Rider
He pitched a complete game no hitter, including 9 strikeouts and 1 walk

Tournament MVP and pitcher
Seattle Studs: JT Zink
He pitched 15 innings, struck out 11, won two games and shut out the Lewiston Paffile Truckers to with his team the championship.